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Introducing our t-shirt winner in the photography category: Marilyn Van Dusseldorp!
Marilyn took the winning photo of the great horned owl while volunteering at the Tallahassee Museum. Being on the animal care team there provided her with many fabulous opportunities to get really close to the many wonders of nature living there. She claims that even scooping cow manure and scrubbing the various habitats were exquisite tasks since they provided her with more one-on-one time with the wildlife. Fortunately for Goose Creek, Marilyn was introduced to Florida Wild Mammal Association by one of the other museum volunteers, which led to her introduction to GCWS. She started volunteering as a wildlife transporter in 2002 and has been hooked on that intake task for FWMA and GCWS ever since, traveling over 10,000 miles some years! The challenge of capturing the animal in some cases requires going beyond the call of duty. In the photo above, Marilyn found a friendly boat owner to bring her close to an injured pelican in a Keaton Beach canal. A few seconds after the photo was taken, she had dropped the net over the pelican and was in the water with it. She says that getting all wet with a pelican, getting nailed by an eagle talon or calming a frightened fawn are all part of the joys of wildlife encounters, but the absolute BEST part of the whole process is returning a rehabilitated animal back to its home in the wild-”WOW”!!

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**2021 T-Shirt Winners**

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Meet Lauren Gaubert, our t-shirt winner in the art division!

This seventeen year old Pensacola native is currently in 11th grade. She is a member of the National Honor Society, PCHS French Team, Greater Pensacola Figure Skating Club, Crusaders Band, and an Assistant Culinary Instructor for Pensacola Cooks Kitchen.
Lauren has a pet Lovebird, Sunshine, and has always had a soft spot for all animals. She loves skateboarding and playing the saxophone. Lauren is a talented artist and has participated in several local art shows, including the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival. Her artwork was recently selected for the 2020 First City Art Center Pumpkin Patch t-shirt and previously for her middle school’s 8th grade class shirt. Her talent is incredible!

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